About 1M

Hi, I'm Mason Zuleger, the guy behind 1M. I'm going to be honest... this is awkward, writing a "bio" about yourself as if you're interesting enough for people to want to read about... I mean what do I include? What do I leave out?


Here are the highlights.  In middle school I was bullied... so much so that I would literally run home from school everyday because I was afraid of being jumped. in high school I decided I was going to start lifting weights to help intimidate some of the would be attackers.  I was obsessed I would go home for lunch and watch FLEX on ESPN to learn the ins-and-outs of bodybuilding.... it worked! One of my proudest days is the day my bully said "I would never mess with Mason, he's huge!" 

After college I joined a rock band in which we toured the world, we didn't have fame or fortune but we got to meet a lot of cool people and play with some relatively big bands (I can honestly say my band played with Fall Out Boy in a run down VFW hall in Chicago... and my band turned down an opportunity to support them on their very first tour).

Shortly after I quit the band I married my HS sweetheart and moved onto a more normal life. This is about the time I got myself in a pretty serious motorcycle accident that left me out of commission for quite a while and thus very weak... this is where my love of bodybuilding officially picked back up. That was 15 years ago and I have been thoroughly committed ever since.

1M combines my love of all things weight lifting with my natural gravitation towards entrepreneurship. i have always been an "idea guy", now I'm trying my best to be an "action guy". My goal with 1M is to bring a bunch of fun and unique ideas to market. The plates are just a taste... i have something bigger and better coming up very soon so stay tuned!

Did you make it this far? Is this what an "about me" should be?

Thanks for being part of this wild and crazy journey!


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